Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Prestigious Sport Of Dubai

The Arabs definitely know how to entertain themselves and their visitors. Dubai has been one of the leading emirates to offer entertainment in various forms for everybody. Camel racing in Dubai is one of the many activities that prove this.

Camel racing is an integral part of Dubai’s status. With time, this leisure activity got converted into a commercial sport. Camel races take place on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during winters. There are two races held per day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Nad Al Sheba is the most famous race track in Dubai for camel racing. At Nad Al Sheba the morning races take place between the camels owned by the sheiks. 50-70 camels can take part in these races all at one time. The entry to watch these camel races are free. If you are on a Dubai holiday tour during winter, camel racing is a sport you should try and catch up on. Many of the race camels are bred in camel farms. Some desert safari tour operators also include a visit to these camel farms as a part of their desert tour packages. This is also one of the activities you can add to your ‘must do’ list on a trip to Dubai during winters this year.

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The Ship of the Desert

In UAE, the camel is also known as the ship of the desert. With its help, many tourists have toured through the vast land of sand. Everyone loves to hop on a camel and enjoy the placid ride across the sand dunes. While on a camel safari in Dubai, you can also attain some first hand experience on the life of the nomads who made their living in the deserts of Dubai.

One important destination you should not miss while on a camel safari in Dubai is visiting the camel farms. Make sure you make your bookings through a Dubai travel service that offers visiting the camel farms as a part of their tour package. On your visit to these farms, it is best to gather information about these camels from the caretakers themselves. Many of them are helpful and give information regarding camel breeding as well. Camels are fed twice a day. You can stroll around the farm and also watch the caretakers feed camels with clovers, oats and dates. You can freeze the time you spend here into photographs. It is much more enjoyable to visit these camel farms during the evenings. Some of the famous camel farms are located at the Al Aweer section on a desert near Dubai. Get in touch with a good Dubai travel service to ensure that your trip is worthwhile.

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