Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Resort is part of an Animal Reserve

Ever heard of a modern day resort and spa being set in a 9000 sq. km. historical animal reserve? …The Qasr Al Sarab is. This resort is a bold architectural marvel in vastness of the golden desert landscape. If you don’t think you can live in there, then at least make it a part of your desert tour in Dubai. As you go dune driving deep into the desert, take a look at this beautiful architectural marvel and the wild life that surrounds it.

You might wonder why anyone would want to live in a luxurious place adjacent to desert wild life… Well, many people do; because this is the only place where you will be able to find a bewildering fusion of luxury, history, 10,000 indigenous antelopes, Bedouin culture as well as witness the ever changing dunes and colours of the desert.

If you happen to stay in the Qasr Al Sarab on your Dubai tour, the breath taking view from the balcony of your room or your villa will surely mesmerize you. You can even relax and watch the antelopes or even the scenery from the food and beverage seating areas. As long as you are spending your time in this unique resort, Arabic cuisine, barbeques, camps, coffee and belly dancing will be the common experiences of your day.

The desert in Dubai has a lot to offer you and so does One World Travels. Make the best of your Dubai holiday by including Qasr Al Sarab as a ‘must-see’ in your desert sightseeing list.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rush Through the Sand Dunes at Unbelievable Rates

Enjoying the dune buggy is not just limited to driving. It lets you visit the sights and sounds of the wonderful deserts in Dubai. A Dubai dune buggy safari is great for those who would like to seek excitement in every inch of the sands. You are free to explore the desert wild life by stopping by the antelopes grazing together too during this ride.

At our Dubai travel services One World Travels, the morning dune buggy safari includes a pick up at your hotel and a dune buggy ride. As a single you can experience this desert activity for AED 520/- but if you are sharing the same ride with someone else, enjoy the morning buggy at AED 370/- only.

We also have evening buggies in Dubai. Rush through the challenging sand dunes in the evening and a traditional barbeque dinner after at AED 595/- for a single person and AED 425/- per sharing person. These offers have been implemented specially during the Dubai Shopping Festival 2010.

Apart from dune buggies and mouth watering barbequed food, you will also be accompanied by henna painters, belly dancers and sheesha for your entertainment. So don’t miss the desert safari in Dubai this season!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

All About Dining In the Desert

Sounds funny doesn’t it? But the desert in Dubai can bring to you a lot more than quad bikes, four wheel drives, camel safaris and other activities. Wait till you explore the potential of the overnight desert safari in Dubai… More than everything else, the over night camp in the desert is captivating and satiating. For those who aren’t completely aware of what the possibilities are at these camps, here goes…

An overnight camp promises a wonderfully relaxed experience under the stars after an active evening on the sand dunes. The moment you enter the desert camp you will be greeted by hospitable Arabs who will show you to your seat and serve you traditional Arabic coffee with dates. The camp site normally has a centre stage, pillows and mattresses surrounding it and circling this area are the tents you might want to relax in if need be.

Dinner will involve barbecued meat as starters, a main course and dessert as well. Salads are also part of the main course. Every Dubai travel service makes it a point to have barbeque at their camp sites. So if it’s a barbeque dinner you’re after, you don’t need to worry.

And of course, the most pleasant part of dining at the desert is the belly dancer who performs her flowing dance on the centre stage. At the camps arranged by One World Travels you might also get a chance to learn a few belly dancing moves on request, while at the camp.

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Have You Strained The Best Out Of Desert Safaris Yet?

A desert safari outing in Dubai is perfect for the convivial, audacious and inquisitive lot. It is a combination of various activities and desert experiences. There is so much to do in the desert during the day. But to those who would like to be at ease, the over night camps are much more interesting. Have you tried the following unique activities yet?...

Sand Skiing- Sand skiing is the new extreme sport. On your Dubai desert safari, you will be able to experience the downhill kind. This sport is a fantastic exercise… Different kinds of sands (like wet sand, coarse sand, etc.) pose different experiences.

The Aromatic Sheesha- The Sheesha is an ancient water-pipe. In English it is known as ‘Hooka’. It involves a pipe with a long flexible stem. Before the smoke comes out the pipe, it is cooled by the water inside. The Arabs mostly say that the Sheesha is a way to relax and it teaches you patience. Try it at the overnight desert camp in Dubai by One World Travels.

Spotting Nocturnal Creatures- After a sumptuous meal at your over night desert camp, move out in groups around the campsite with a guide to spot nocturnal animals. You will be surprised to know that many animals in the desert in Dubai are nocturnal as they cannot tolerate the heat.

Planning to try out these activities sometime soon? Visit for the best desert safari deals.

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