Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Resort is part of an Animal Reserve

Ever heard of a modern day resort and spa being set in a 9000 sq. km. historical animal reserve? …The Qasr Al Sarab is. This resort is a bold architectural marvel in vastness of the golden desert landscape. If you don’t think you can live in there, then at least make it a part of your desert tour in Dubai. As you go dune driving deep into the desert, take a look at this beautiful architectural marvel and the wild life that surrounds it.

You might wonder why anyone would want to live in a luxurious place adjacent to desert wild life… Well, many people do; because this is the only place where you will be able to find a bewildering fusion of luxury, history, 10,000 indigenous antelopes, Bedouin culture as well as witness the ever changing dunes and colours of the desert.

If you happen to stay in the Qasr Al Sarab on your Dubai tour, the breath taking view from the balcony of your room or your villa will surely mesmerize you. You can even relax and watch the antelopes or even the scenery from the food and beverage seating areas. As long as you are spending your time in this unique resort, Arabic cuisine, barbeques, camps, coffee and belly dancing will be the common experiences of your day.

The desert in Dubai has a lot to offer you and so does One World Travels. Make the best of your Dubai holiday by including Qasr Al Sarab as a ‘must-see’ in your desert sightseeing list.

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