Sunday, July 19, 2009

Get yourself sanded in sand skiing on deserts of Dubai.

The desert safaris are for those who wish for some adventure along with safety. Activities like camel safaris, desert safaris through out the days are enjoyed by everybody. A certain addition that has become the latest craze among people in Dubai is sand skiing.

Those with love for speed and liking for the unusual will enjoy sand skiing without a second doubt. One will enrich the feel as they ski down the desert dunes in Dubai. Special skis for this purpose and mostly the interior of deserts are the chosen grounds, due to the variations in dunes. All one has to do is strap their sand boards, close their eyes, take a deep breathe and down the slope they flow. One will feel like the droplets of water falling from a high altitude. Just that this will be a safe fall, as one lands upon the sand. This is an exciting addition to other safaris.

We at Desert Safari Dubai, arrange for sand skiing to let you experience this adventure with a few trained instructors for your assistance. All you need to have is lots and lots of energy – everything else is provided. A must undertake sport as only thing one would do is enjoy the thrill and getting sanded.

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“Souk”ed by the beauty of Abu Dhabi

It’s not often that we get a chance to come over to the emirates. So once we make a trip to Dubai and enjoy as much as we can, a visit to the neighboring emirates should not be ruled out. The best way to visit these places is by opting for tour packages.

Abu Dhabi is one of the famous tourist spot after Dubai. It is the largest of the seven emirates. As one lands to Abu Dhabi one can see the tall buildings and the architecture of this place, speaks for itself. The Jebel Ali port, is a must see as it is the largest man-made port in the world. Abu Dhabi is a well planned modern city with several impressive palaces, beautiful corniches and architectural mosques. Photographs of the city skyline, Al Hisn Fort, Old Souk (market) are a must take for every traveler. One can also shop at the old market for carpets with Arabic designs.

We at Desert Safari Dubai see to it that your sightseeing tour is made easier and you get to cover all the places and get the feel of a regular dweller, rather than a traveler.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

First the deserts and then the shopping, makes the Dubai trip memorable.

If the adventurous desert safaris aren’t enough, Dubai offers you a range of other sightseeing places. This emirate is known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Dubai is also known for its shopping festivals. We at Desert Safari Dubai offer you various shopping tour packages. You can get a taste of Dubai’s rich and vibrant shopping festivals and shopping malls through our package tours. The Dubai shopping tours are packaged in such a way that they will cater to your shopping needs and you will be toured through the most suitable shopping malls and markets. The visits to the spice souqs will be a new experience as you will get to witness traders dressed in typical Arabic style. You will get an opportunity to see both the modern and the ancient culture existing in the same place side by side. This guided shopping tour is aimed at saving your time, so you can focus on shopping at appropriate rates at the right places. If the desert safaris offer you a feeling that you will carry with yourself, a shopping tour offers you a chance to buy something to cherish your visit and store it as evidence.

Desert Safari Dubai offers you a range of travel packages of the must see places of this emirate. So like an icing on your cake, you can enjoy the wilderness of the desert and the modernisms of Dubai city.

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Cruise through the desert like a musketeer in quad bike safari.

The only time a person becomes a perfect meanderer is when he is on a quad bike on a desert safari. The quad bike desert safari is a toast to every adventurer’s thirst to quench his adrenaline rush.

Quad bike safari is aptly entertaining and carves a position of favoritism in the minds of the toured. Even the sight of an All Terrain Vehicle {ATV} makes the traveler wanting to rush into the sand and break through all the sand dunes. An integral part of the various desert safari tours in Dubai, quad bike safari leave its enjoyers wanting for more. One can wobble through the sand dunes at various levels. Weaving through the seemingly endless desert is simply marvelous. The feeling one gets after riding through the desert under the guide’s instructions, is something better felt than explained. The desert safari tours are a must experience for everybody.

We at Desert Safari Dubai make sure that you enjoy this safari to your utmost satisfaction. You can get in touch with us to experience this once in a life- time opportunity to its best level.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Discover the serenity of Dubai through its morning desert safaris.

A desert safari in Dubai is something that one can always talk about a numerous times over and still find something new to share with every one. It becomes an experience that every one can connect to. Desert safaris are remembered for being themselves without any alterations through the time periods. A few additions to make it more exciting, draws travelers from all over the world.

Dubai always has something to offer for everyone. A desert safari has become the delight of every adventurer. The morning desert safari is something that will make anybody’s day. We at Desert Safari Dubai take it as our mission to make you enjoy the safari at ease and offer you assistance through out all your desert safari trips. A pick-up from your hotel is provided. We tour you through the deserts and let you explore their life style like no other. In the entire duration of four hours, you get to experience modern desert adventures like “Sand-Ski”. Morning desert safari makes your day, as it begins with a roller-coaster ride followed by sand-ski on the sand dunes. Later on, one is taken to the Bedouin desert camp for a camel ride.

You can get in touch with Desert Safari Dubai for further details about the safaris. We are one of the leading companies in arranging safaris and tours throughout Dubai

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