Sunday, July 19, 2009

Get yourself sanded in sand skiing on deserts of Dubai.

The desert safaris are for those who wish for some adventure along with safety. Activities like camel safaris, desert safaris through out the days are enjoyed by everybody. A certain addition that has become the latest craze among people in Dubai is sand skiing.

Those with love for speed and liking for the unusual will enjoy sand skiing without a second doubt. One will enrich the feel as they ski down the desert dunes in Dubai. Special skis for this purpose and mostly the interior of deserts are the chosen grounds, due to the variations in dunes. All one has to do is strap their sand boards, close their eyes, take a deep breathe and down the slope they flow. One will feel like the droplets of water falling from a high altitude. Just that this will be a safe fall, as one lands upon the sand. This is an exciting addition to other safaris.

We at Desert Safari Dubai, arrange for sand skiing to let you experience this adventure with a few trained instructors for your assistance. All you need to have is lots and lots of energy – everything else is provided. A must undertake sport as only thing one would do is enjoy the thrill and getting sanded.

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