Friday, December 4, 2009

Tourism In Dubai Is Increasing

Visitors love Dubai desert safari in winter.

Dubai is visited round the year by people belonging to different nations. Winter falls between November and February in Dubai, during these cold days guests are observed more. The atmosphere is so incredible that it allures many visitors in these months. Dubai desert safari tours are always described as having a blazing climate but people who opt for Dubai holidays in winter have an entirely divergent experience.

Tourists plan for a Dubai desert tour in winter to adore an atypical ambience. The temperature decreases to 20 and sometimes is as low as 5 in the desert regions. Winter rains are experienced and north-westerly winds (Shamal) sets cooler windy weather. There are many deserts and all of them are explored by tourists. Most of the travelers opt for an overnight stay, enjoy hot barbeques, live entertainment and play different games during their trip to desert safari Dubai. Local people describe Awafi as one of the most fascinating deserts. It is situated at Al Degdagah, which also hosts an annual festival in January. Along with these there are many other famous Deserts in Dubai which are visited by people around the globe. For a convenient and enjoyable trip tourist book their tickets with a good Dubai tour company well in advance.

Desert Safari Dubai by One World Travel and Tourism LLC is a travel company. It has specialized in the desert safari business for a very long time which makes it one of the best Dubai travel services. The company is the most preferred online agent for desert safari bookings. It has many different packages to offer keeping in mind the convenience and requirements of the clients. The camps are selected by Desert Safari experts who give special attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

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