Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Various Desert Activities Provided by One World

A tour to Dubai is incomplete without experiencing the deserts in the form of a desert safari in Dubai. But trying out just one or two of the activities wouldn’t give you a complete desert experience. Therefore One World Travels provides vivid desert safari’s and makes sure you don’t miss your share of fun on the sands before heading home.

4x4WD- The 4x4 desert safari in Dubai will be the ride of your life. Professional drivers will drive you over the high sand dunes but with care. Be on the look out for camels, foxes, desert birds, and as well as the sunset during this drive. You can stop to take photos whenever you like.

Dune buggy- Dune buggies in Dubai are recreational vehicles with wide tires and are designed for use on sand. This vehicle is somewhat similar to a go-kart but it is much sturdier and also meant for off-road driving.

Quad bike- All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are known as quad bikes in Dubai. As it is meant to be tried over all types of terrain, you can explore the desert with it till your heart is content.

Henna painting- ‘Henna’ used to paint the skin with beautiful designs, is obtained from the Henna plant itself. When applied to the skin it stains only the top most layer of it. Everyone at the camps love trying it as it remains just for a couple of days.

Sand skiing- Just like snow skiing in cold countries we have sand skiing in Dubai. Sand skiing is an extreme sport and the latest craze in the desert.

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