Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get Close To Arabic Culture

There are many deserts in the world but deserts in Dubai have a different charm. They are acclaimed for their originality and beauty. If you have visited deserts in some other part of the world and think that you don’t need to visit Dubai deserts then you will lose out something very special. So remember, whenever you visit Dubai you must spend some time in deserts of Dubai.

Various activities are offered in the deserts but you must try out things that take you close to Arabic culture.

1. Arabic coffee: no coffee shops or cafes in the world can bring you this aromatic welcome drink of Arabs which is never served without dates. This coffee has refreshing effect on everyone who tries it.

2. Henna Tattoo: henna tattoo is a traditional way of tattooing hands and legs for Arabs. You must try out this art form which is loved by most of the tourists.

3. Shisha: puffing shisha is one of the famous pass time of Arabs. Shisha is available in flavours, you can choose anyone for yourself.

4. Belly Dancing: don’t miss watching the belly dance performance by the professional dancers here. This dance form is famous in Arabic regions and moves of dancers will keep you amazed.

Desert Safari Dubai will give you an opportunity to experience all these activities at the same place. Your Dubai desert tour has all the activities for which Arabs are known. These specialties of Arabs are available on every Dubai desert safari tour you opt for.



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