Thursday, September 3, 2009

Experience nature at the east coast

You will undoubtedly like to go far away from the chaotic city life. Forgetting the competitive and stressful environment of the city you will love to go close to nature. Dubai holidays have the solution for this.

The east coast is known for its plantation of fruits and vegetables because it has lush green areas for agriculture. This tour will expose you to a variety of landscapes, deserts, wadis, majestic mountains, tall palm lands, strawberry gardens, coral reefs, and the wonderful beaches. While touring the east coast you will get an opportunity to swim in the Indian Ocean and refresh yourself. Your wish to go close to nature will be fulfilled by Dubai travel services. The east coast tour will take you to the new world endowed with nature. There are also local markets and fishing villages here. You must visit Masafi as it is known for its fresh water. Your trip to the east coast is incomplete without seeing Al Badiyah which is the ancient mosque in the Emirates.

Desert Safari Dubai provides you with all the requirements for your tour to the east coast. It is a good idea to take a break from a monotonous and hectic life. The natural beauty of east coast of Dubai will repose your inner and outer self. Be sure that you don’t forget to take your camera as the scenic beauty here is worth capturing. It will be a memorable and picturesque tour of your life.

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