Monday, September 7, 2009

Incomparable Arabic coffee

Hospitality and generosity are the two main qualities of Arabic culture. Their coffee symbolizes these two attributes. Arabic coffee is a desire for almost all coffee addicts. You might not be a coffee lover but you will still definitely like to taste and smell Arabic coffee. You should not leave any chance of having a cup of Arabic coffee while on Dubai holidays.

‘Gahwa’, is the name for Arabic coffee. As Gahwa is prepared without milk you will experience a bitter taste in comparison to your regular coffee. Cardamom is used while preparing Arabic coffee. It helps in digestion and makes coffee spicy. Sometimes saffron is used to give it a golden colour. You would love sipping in coffee which is golden in colour. Sugar also is stirred into the beverage when it is brewed and not when served. The reason behind the freshness of Arabic coffee is that it is brewed at the moment the order comes. There is uniqueness even in serving Arabic coffee. The coffee pot used by Arabs is called dallah which has a long spout. Coffee is served in finjaan which is a small sized cup without handles. These antique coffee sets are generally made of brass but can be found in different designs. Freshly prepared Arabic coffee will compel you to have a cup of it as soon as you will smell its rich aroma.

While on the tour of Desert Safari Dubai (-One World Travel) you will be sipping in the flavourful Arabic coffee a number of times.

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