Friday, October 23, 2009

Get ready for courageous Wadi Bashing

You will love to explore wadis in desert in Dubai along with a dune drive and a camel ride in Dubai. Deserts are well known for the adventures they offer and you will experience them on your Dubai holidays.

To enjoy an activity you must first know it. So let me give you a brief about wadis in Dubai deserts. A wadi is a barren and a stony riverbed. It trails the moving seasonal streams and rivers which takes a rocky valley path. This path is naturally incised by flood water. You will find these wadis in abundance at Dubai Desert Safari. You must take a four wheel drive for these twisted routes. Make sure that your driver is an expert because this is a dauntless act. But this experience will stay in you mind forever. You will catch the sight of local tribes, waterfalls, mountain pools and a few animals. The best season for wadi bashing is from October to April. All adventure lovers will love this sport. But be careful as it is a dangerous activity. Don’t try this act in summer as it is tougher and less enjoyable. Pick up your sunglasses and caps for protection against the sunlight.

Dubai desert safari tour is full of adventures and excitement. During your Dubai tour don’t fail to visit the deserts. There are many Dubai Travel Services which have different touring options. Select the one which will take you to experience the wilderness of the desert.

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The real deserts

We all know what deserts are all about but have you ever experienced a life in a desert? Travelling experience in a desert is amazing. Every moment spent in a desert will be mesmerizing. To experience the beauty of the desert you must visit a desert. Have you ever thought of visiting deserts in Dubai? Just try out and I promise you that you will never forget your Dubai tour.

Let us first understand what desert actually mean? Desert is a place where rainfall is less than 25 cm in average, every year. So remember it is not only about sand. Only 15% of the world’s desert surface has pure sand and most of it belongs to Sahara and the Arabian deserts. The rest of the places have only rocks and pebbles. So if you want to have the best experience of the desert life you must visit Dubai Desert Safari. The beauty of the desert is worth capturing throughout the day. Along with that there are many activities which you will enjoy. A dune drive and a camel ride in Dubai are unique experiences. Along with that barbeque dinner and quad biking in Dubai are also important aspects of deserts. There is no better option to know the desert life.

Desert Safari Dubai has different tour packages like morning desert safari, evening desert safari, overnight desert safari and many more. You can select the one which suits you the best. Make your Dubai holidays memorable by visiting real deserts of the world.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Entertainment along with work

Work is definitely important for all of us. But won’t it be interesting if you get a chance for entertainment after your work is done? This will make you forget all your stress that you had while working. If you have a corporate meet in Dubai, take a chance of visiting deserts in Dubai along with your colleagues.

Today the world has become competitive. Everyone wants to reach the top. People have started working like machines. This has resulted in high level of stress. Relaxation and fun are almost lost from the lives of working class. People spend most of their time in the office. But it is not possible to leave our jobs and just sit and relax at home. Dubai travel services try to make your work time interesting. It organizes corporate events in Dubai desert safari. Imagine puffing shisha, watching belly dancers or going for bouncing camel rides just after your work. This will be a fascinating experience and will rejuvenate you. Relishing hot barbeque dinner will be a special feast, it will give you a break from your regular bland lunch box. Suggest to your boss a plan for a Dubai desert safari tour, next time when you go for any corporate meet.

Desert Safari Dubai can handle a group of 400 people, so everyone from your office staff can enjoy the activities offered at the desert and reenergize themselves. This is the only option for all working people to revitalize themselves while working.

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Discover the wild life in the desert

Dubai holidays are not only for the activities and entertainment they offer. They also give us a chance to witness some animals over there. Very few animals can bare the heat of the desert. Let us try to find out which are those who like to stay in the Dubai desert safari.

The most desert-adapted species in the emirates are the hoopoe lark, the cream-coloured courser and the black-crowned finch lark. There is a small population of long legged buzzard, little owl and desert eagle. You will also see brown-necked raven frequently. Various species of lark and warbler are migrants who are seen in autumn and winter. More than 320 species of birds migrate to Emirates in spring and winter. Deserts are dominantly occupied by reptiles. You will see different type of lizards. Spiny-tailed lizards are called “dhub” here. Giant among desert lizards is nearly one meter long. You may witness several species of snake as well. Viper with a poisonous horn is the most common. The Arabian oryx is an antelope of the desert in Dubai. There are a few wolfs, striped hyenas, falcons, jackals, honey badger, sand cat and the species of gazelle. These are sighted sometimes. During you Dubai desert safari tour besides camel there is a range of wild life which you will observe.

Your journey to desert safari Dubai will introduce you to the wild life of deserts. The birds, mammals and reptiles here are rarely found in any other part of the world.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Relishing the barbeque dinner

We all love food and there are many of us who have a desire to taste all the delicacies in the world. A rich Arabic lifestyle will serve you a variety of dishes. During your Dubai holidays don’t miss the chance to taste barbeque dinner. Relishing this dinner number of times is the added advantage of your Dubai tour.

Barbeque is generally cooked in an open environment. It is heated by the smoke of charcoal or wood. Meat cooked in such a way is finger licking. The restaurants which cook barbeque have large bricks or metal ovens specially designed for this purpose. It is an altogether distinctive experience to enjoy the barbeque while you are on Dubai desert tour. As barbeque is cooked in the open air an aromatic smoke coming from the food will make your hunger pangs strike harder. You will not be able to resist yourself from eating this heavenly food. Your heart will crave for more even after your stomach is full. Cool wind blowing in the open environment, sky seems to be diamond studded ceiling above your head, rhythmic moves of belly dance. All these while biting in fresh, aromatic, hot barbeque in the desert in Dubai is a luscious experience. It will be like a cherry on the cake.

We at Desert Safari Dubai have many occasions when you will be enjoying this mouthwatering feast of barbeque dinner. Our vegetarian guests should not feel left out as we also serve specially prepared vegetarian food.

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