Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Desert safari in Dubai: A fun zone for teenagers….!!

There are a plenty of things in Dubai that attracts tourists around the world. But Desert Safari Tour has its own charm and is the most famous trip of tourists. Authenticity of deserts and various activities have been able to attract tourists from different parts of the world. Especially teenagers enjoy this desert safari in Dubai the most.

Many students visit deserts in Dubai during summer. When a group of friends opt for a trip in deserts they wish to spend more time doing adventurous activities and have fun. Teens are most likely considered to love adventure and sports. Dubai desert safari meets with their expectation and allows them to spend amazing time experiencing the most adventurous sports in the desert. There can not be anything more phenomenal than taking a quad bike safari, dune buggy safari and sand boarding in deserts with friends. These safaris are a toast to every adventurer’s thirst which can quench your adrenaline rush. Apart from this adventure, teens can also experience an overnight stay in Bedouin camps which makes their trip more fulfilling. Belly dance, delicious barbecue and puffing shisha can add on to their fun.

Deserts Safari Dubai will give you a chance to visit charming deserts of Dubai. Your Dubai tour is incomplete without experiencing life in the desert. We at One World arrange many tours for our tourists and locals. We offer various options so that you can choose a type of tour that suits to your requirements and budget. For perfect Dubai holidays make sure that you deal with One World as it has a recognized name in the market.

Desert on FIRE…!

Different forms of arts are inseparable part of our traditions. Some arts are very elegant while others are risky. Dubai is the city where each and every form of activity is observed. You will come across many art forms during your Dubai tour. One of the famous arts is fire dancing this dance had much of the risk involved hence only professionally trained artists can perform it.

Fire dancing can be enjoyed as a hobby, a sport, a performer or even as a spectator at the desert safari in Dubai. It was originated from many cultures and different practices. ‘Poi’ used as juggling props in this dance, originated from New Zealand and Egypt. Fire dancing or fire twirling is the manipulation of objects on fire. So get ready to hold your breath before the fire dancers juggling torches during your Dubai desert safari. There is rhythmic beat to follow during this performance unlike the other fire performances. These dances are used for healing purposes, story telling, theatrics and for sacred purposes as well. Fire dancing doesn’t need to be performed it is to be experienced. You can enjoy this art form more when it is viewed as a spectator. Deserts in Dubai have many other forms of entertainment along with fire dance. No other place can entertain people with variety of thing at the same time.

We at Desert Safari Dubai organize many fire dance shows. You will be witnessing this beautiful art form in the deserts in Dubai. Join One World Travel & Tourism for a fire twirling night exclusively at our desert safari camps in Dubai.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dune bashing: A toast to every adventurer..!

If the quad bike safaris in Dubai are for adventure lovers then dune buggies aren’t far behind in the list of must do activities in Dubai deserts. Dune Buggy Safaris in Dubai is a new version of off-road exploration. The dune buggy desert safari is a toast to every adventurer’s thirst to quench his adrenaline rush.

Dune buggy safari is aptly entertaining and carves a position of favoritism in the minds of the toured. Even the sight of dune buggies makes the traveler wanting to rush into the sand and break through all the sand dunes. An integral part of the various desert safari tours in Dubai, dune buggy safari leave its enjoyers wanting for more. One can wobble through the sand dunes at various levels. Weaving through the seemingly endless desert is simply marvelous. Your instructor will guide you around a natural trail of the dunes, picking up speed as your confidence increases. We ride at your pace.The feeling one gets after riding through the desert under the guide’s instructions, is something better felt than explained. The desert safari tours are a must experience for everybody.

Feel the adrenaline rush as the guide leads you through the challenging sand dunes during this desert safari in Dubai. One World Travel and Tourism (LLC) has specialized in the desert safari business for a very long time. We also provide many different packages for an unforgettable experience of the challenging deserts in Dubai, keeping in mind the conveniences and dissimilar requirements of our clients. This makes us one of the best desert safari operators in Dubai. We make sure that you enjoy this safari to your utmost satisfaction.

Pleasurable overnight camp in deserts of Dubai..

There are plenty of things in Dubai which attract tourist around the world. Deserts in Dubai presents a real beauty of Arabia. Dubai desert safari can bring you lot more than quad biking, dune buggy safari, camel ride and other activities. Wait till you explore the potential of overnight desert safari in Dubai. More than anything else the night camp in desert can overfill you with lot of excitement.

An overnight camp promises a wonderfully relaxed experience under the stars after an active evening on the sand dunes. The moment you enter the desert camp you will be greeted by hospitable Arabs who will facilitate you to your seat and serve traditional Arabic coffee with dates. The camp site normally has a centre stage, pillows and mattresses surrounding it and circling this area are the tents you might want to relax in. Then is the mouth-watering barbeque treat which is prepared at the camp site itself. This is the most delightful part of an overnight camp. Watching live belly dancing, tanoura & fire dance during the meal are more than satisfying. This camp will definitely be the best you might have ever experienced when you move out in groups in the dark night, with a guide to spot nocturnal creatures. Over night camp in desert is the most pleasing and exciting part during your overnight desert safari in Dubai.

The Overnight Desert Safari has been designed especially for tourists to experience the true sounds and flavors of the desert. As the night dawns itself, the mystical beauty of the deserts can be celebrated in Arabic style with family and friends. This camp was started in order to provide tourists with a real experience of an Arabian night. So One World makes it a point to have this overnight camp during your desert safari tour in Dubai.