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Safe Desert Excursion

Deserts in Dubai are known for their authenticity and is a must visit during your Dubai holidays. Visitors around the world can’t stop themselves from appreciating the natural beauty of the deserts. However, whether you are planning a day-trip or overnight desert safari, there are certain things you need to keep in mind and take with you.

Morning Desert Safari:

- Water, carry plenty of water bottles with you and also for car incase it overheats.

- First Aid kit which includes bandages, disinfectant spray, burn cream, etc incase if you are hurt while trying out different adventures sports.

- Carry electrolyte drinks like Gatorade, Isostar or similar. It will help you combat with any nausea or sun stroke.

- Sun screen lotion, hat, and sunglasses to prevent your skin from sun.

Overnight Desert Safari:

- Mats/Blankets for sitting on deserts.

- Lights, torches storm candles, anything that will help you find your way in dark

- An extra pair of clothes in case of spillage, stinking, etc.

- A pair of good walking shoes as you may not get far in flip-flops

- Jackets to cover yourself as it can get windy in deserts & in winter months night-time temperatures drop down to 5-10 degree Celsius.

One World Travels is a well-known travel company in Dubai and arranges different kinds of desert safari tour in Dubai. You will experience safe and comfortable journey with us. Our services are loved by all our customers as we provide them maximum satisfaction at reasonable prices.

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Experience the Typical Bedouin Camp

Bedouin camp is one of the most beautiful and a worth witnessing activity in Dubai deserts. After experiencing all the fun of thrilling adventures, this Bedouin campsite is a relaxing venue to spend rest of the evening. Typically decorated with fine cushions and covers, low sitting tables, soft bed and nicely built tents of the camp gives you an authentic Arabic environment.

You can experience some amazing activities at Bedouin camp, to name them:

BBQ Dinner- You will relish a mouth-watering barbecued dinner prepared at the camping site itself. The smoky smell of grilled beef and chicken will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Sheesha – This is one of the most enjoyed activities in the campsite. The hubble–bubble noise while puffing sheesha will give you a pleasurable feeling. There are also many flavors available, you can select one of your choices and enjoy the ambrosial smoke of sheesha.

Henna Tattoo – It is included as one of the most important part in the UAE culture. Henna tattoos are applied by the local women’s on various occasions as well as festivals. This is a very attractive part of the camp. You will find many tattoo artists in the camp itself who will paint your hands, legs, with henna.

Dances – This is the exciting part of the camp. You will witness many dances like belly dance, tanoura dance and fire dance which are sure to set desert camp on fire!

This typically Bedouin campsite will definitely bring you close to the Arab culture and allow you to indulge yourself completely into the deserts of Dubai. Book your overnight desert safari tour with One World Travels and witness all the above mentioned activities.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tanoura Dance in Deserts!

Dubai desert safari tour is not only about thrilling adventures and picturesque scenery. There is much more that deserts in Dubai have to offer. Loaded with numerous adventures, desert safari tour also offers you cultural entertainment, one of which is tanoura dance. It is Egyptian folk dance which is usually performed during festivals.

Tanoura means skirt in English and it is performed by sufi men. The different elements of ‘Tanoura’ stand for various messages. It is a story that connects men to the divine; a dance that refers to the relationship of land and the sky, man and God. To be able to show this through the dance, the performers' round skirts and swirling actually refer to the circle of life or the universe. The specially-designed miniature light bulbs in their costumes that only come on at the middle of the dance refer to the new life and pure soul. With this explanation, the ‘Tanoura’ is somehow a dance of prayer. Aside from its mystic story, their colorful costume denotes various human feelings and experiences. The mysterious sound of drums and the flute and the graceful movements throughout the dance will contribute to offer a magical show that is sure to mesmerize you.

The best way to enjoy this unique dance form is by booking your overnight desert safari tour with One World Travels. You will not only enjoy tanoura dance but will also enjoy the belly dance and fire dance in the deserts. One World Travels provides you with the mystic beauty of deserts and real experience of Arabian nights.

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Sandy Safari in Dubai

Much amount of tourists may be attracted to Dubai shopping center and the glittering architecture but the impeccable golden sand dunes will definitely force you to fly to deserts in Dubai. Dubai deserts are one of the most important attractions which will make your Dubai tour full of thrills and adventures.

There are many exciting activities which you can experience in deserts of Dubai. So get sandy in the sands of deserts.

4X4 Dune Drive – This is a crazy ride in 4 wheelers car which goes jumps up and down in the high sand dunes. It is a new version of off-road exploration and it is a great sight to watch sand blowing while driving the car.

Quad Bike – This is another famous activity while your desert safari tour. The only time a person becomes a perfect meandered is when he or she is on a quad bike safari in Dubai. Quad bikes in Dubai are a toast to every adventurer’s thirst which alone can quench your adrenaline rush.

Sank Ski – The fun of sand skiing is absolutely double when you do it in Dubai deserts. You can actually feel the world skidding beneath your feet. All you have to do is take your snowboard, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and ski down the high sand dunes. Adventure-lovers should not miss this daring deed!

Deserts safari tour offered by One World Travels will allow you to experience these outstanding adventures and get yourself sanded in the sands of Dubai deserts.

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