Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Balloon Ride in Deserts!

The deserts in Dubai are the silent spectator of the transformation of this Gulf country. It is now a major tourists spot and compels visitors to take a safari during their Dubai holidays. There are many activities to do in deserts like dune drive, quad biking, camel ride, etc. But apart from that another adventurous activity is flying high in the hot balloon.

Getting up early in the morning is always disliked by most of us. But you will love to get up early when you will be going for a hot air balloon ride. Such a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, a balloon ride is a wonderful, tranquil experience. The pleasure of this ride is doubled with the beauty of dawn and the sunrise. Deserts in Dubai are beautiful to witness at any time. But, morning is the best time to witness breathtaking views and incredible desertscapes. It is also the best time for flying as the cool and serene ambience adds to the experience. This early morning balloon ride during your desert safari tour will make you forget all your stress. During your balloon ride you will observe the angelic desert. The beauty of the sunrise is not only for the sky but it also gives different hues to the dunes. It seems as if the desert has enveloped it self with the shining red and orange colored carpet.

One World Travels which is a reputed travel company in Dubai which arranges hot air balloon rides for tourists as well locals. This balloon ride will give you the chance to experience the adventure trip up in the sky during your desert safari tour.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Elegant Resorts in Middle of Dubai Deserts

Deserts in Dubai are not only limited to adventure rides, Arabic culture or just dances but it is much more then that. During your desert safari tour you will witness some of the most elegant and classy resorts which are worth witnessing. To name them few:

Al Maha Desert Resort – It is an idyllic, exclusive oasis, set within a 25-square kilometer desert conservation reserve. It is built in the style of a traditional Bedouin encampment and guest areas are adorned with traditional artifacts and precious antiquities. This is a place of unique contrasts with luxurious individual suites, private pools, fine dining, exquisite wines, panoramic skyscrapers and indigenous flora and fauna are all set within wide open plains. It allows guests to unwind, relax and experience total peace and balance.

Ban Al Shams Desert Resort – It is a 5 star luxury resort beautifully situated amongst the dunes of deserts in Dubai. It is built in the style of a traditional Arabic fort offering unique desert experience. It has fantastic range of recreational activities to offer guests like camel rides, traditional falconers or a desert jeep safari. Alternatively, relax in the hotels infinity pool overlooking the desert or pay a visit to the Satori Spa with its indoor and outdoor treatment rooms.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort – This is another one of the elegant resort in middle of Dubai deserts. It is a bold architectural marvel in vastness of the golden desert landscape. You can delight various options like a bird’s eye view of the deserts from majestic sand dunes; cherish cherry flavored sheesha under the star lit skies, an exfoliating sun bath, then a soak in a hammam to the intoxicating aromas of rare Arabian oils.

The desert in Dubai has a lot to offer you and so does One World Travels. Make the best of your Dubai holidays by including these classy desert resorts as a ‘must-see’ in your desert sightseeing list.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Desert Feast!

We all love food and there are many of us who have a desire to taste all the delicacies in the world. A rich Arabic lifestyle will serve you a variety of dishes. During your Dubai holidays don’t miss the chance to taste barbeque dinner. Relishing this dinner number of times is the added advantage of your Dubai tours.

Barbeque is generally cooked in an open environment. It is heated by the smoke of charcoal or wood. Meat cooked in such a way is finger licking. The restaurants which cook barbeque have large bricks or metal ovens specially designed for this purpose. It is an altogether distinctive experience to enjoy the barbeque while you are on Dubai desert tour. As barbeque is cooked in the open air an aromatic smoke coming from the food will make your hunger pangs strike harder. You will not be able to resist yourself from eating this heavenly food. Your heart will crave for more even after your stomach is full. Cool wind blowing in the open environment, sky seems to be diamond studded ceiling above your head, rhythmic moves of belly dance. All these while biting in fresh, aromatic, hot barbeque in the desert in Dubai is a luscious experience. It will be like a cherry on the cake.

Desert Safari Tour with One World Travels has many occasions when you will be enjoying this mouthwatering feast of barbeque dinner. Our vegetarian guests should not feel left out as we also serve specially prepared vegetarian food.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ever Increasing Demand of Desert Safari Tour

Dubai is the famous tourist destination. It is considered as the best city to spend the vacation time. Skyscraper buildings, lavish parks, architecture, etc. is the eye candy for the tourists. Above all these, Dubai Desert Safari is also one of the major attractions for tourists and is gaining immense popularity day by day.

From the past few years there have been constant rise in number of people visiting Dubai from all over the world. Tourists give immense importance to desert safari during their Dubai tour. It has been the most exciting and thrilling attraction for the tourists. During Dubai desert safari tour tourists can have a complete power pack experience. It’s a package of fun, entertainment and adventure. Moreover, there are various packages available like morning desert safari, evening desert safari and overnight desert safari for the tourists. You can choose any desert safaris as per your choice and convenience. This is an added advantage for the tourists. The above mentioned safaris have lot to offer. Overnight deserts safaris are in more demand as it gives the tourist a chance to experience the authentic Arab culture in couple of hours. Tourists can enjoy belly dancing, delicious barbeque meal, puffing shisha, traditional Arabic coffee, etc all at a time.

One World Travels which is a well known travel company in Dubai specializes in desert safari tour business since very long. It owes an excellent service standard that identifies the various elements of their clients and serves them by paying personal attention to their needs.

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