Monday, September 7, 2009

An Arabic art to beautify yourself

Along with an exciting dune drive in the deserts of Dubai don’t miss the chance to decorate yourself with henna tattoo. It is a tradition in Arabia to apply henna tattoo on various happy occasions. Generally Arabic women beautify themselves using this art.

You must be wishing to make a tattoo on your body. But making a permanent tattoo is a painful process. Well, here is great news for you to rejoice. Henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo and process of making it is pain free. It is made using different designs, shapes and sizes and lasts for around 3-4 weeks. Praiseworthy designs of henna tattoo will leave a dark red colour on your skin. It also gives you flexibility of changing the design. Most of the westerners opt for henna tattoo as an alternative to permanent tattoo. You might be wondering whether a permanent tattoo will suit you or not, so it is not a bad idea to try out this temporary tattoo first just to know how the permanent tattoo might look. Exhaustive buggies in Dubai might be turned down by old people, children or pregnant women but applying henna tattoo is certainly fascinating for everyone.

The time and the price depend upon the pattern, design and size of the henna tattoo. The price ranges from 60 AED to 300 AED. In every part of the world henna tattoo is appreciated.

You will come across henna tattoo artists many times while you are travelling with Desert Safari Dubai (-One World Travels).

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Incomparable Arabic coffee

Hospitality and generosity are the two main qualities of Arabic culture. Their coffee symbolizes these two attributes. Arabic coffee is a desire for almost all coffee addicts. You might not be a coffee lover but you will still definitely like to taste and smell Arabic coffee. You should not leave any chance of having a cup of Arabic coffee while on Dubai holidays.

‘Gahwa’, is the name for Arabic coffee. As Gahwa is prepared without milk you will experience a bitter taste in comparison to your regular coffee. Cardamom is used while preparing Arabic coffee. It helps in digestion and makes coffee spicy. Sometimes saffron is used to give it a golden colour. You would love sipping in coffee which is golden in colour. Sugar also is stirred into the beverage when it is brewed and not when served. The reason behind the freshness of Arabic coffee is that it is brewed at the moment the order comes. There is uniqueness even in serving Arabic coffee. The coffee pot used by Arabs is called dallah which has a long spout. Coffee is served in finjaan which is a small sized cup without handles. These antique coffee sets are generally made of brass but can be found in different designs. Freshly prepared Arabic coffee will compel you to have a cup of it as soon as you will smell its rich aroma.

While on the tour of Desert Safari Dubai (-One World Travel) you will be sipping in the flavourful Arabic coffee a number of times.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

City life of Dubai

You will have numerous opportunities to see a new culture and an exciting way of life while you are on Dubai tour. 5 million visitors annually, make Dubai a popular tourist destination. Dubai holidays not only take you to the wilderness of deserts but also to the galvanizing Dubai city.

Today Dubai is considered as fastest growing city in the world. Dubai city is flooded with shopping malls, historic landmarks, classical open markets, theme parks, adventurous sports, beautiful architecture and is a society affluent in tradition and hospitality. The city of Dubai is also referred as city of gold. Dubai is producing some of the world’s best modern architecture. The Burj Al Arab Hotel is considered as the world’s most expensive and beautiful hotel. There is the Burj Dubai Tower which is world’s tallest building. Catch the sight of the world’s biggest ski dome at the mall of Emirates. The night life of Dubai is equally exciting with many famous coffee houses, luxurious hotels and dance clubs. You can be a part of any of these as per your liking and convenience. There are many Dubai travel services available, make sure you select the best tour package for your tour to Dubai city.

Desert Safari Dubai will take you to notice colourful lifestyle of Dubai city. Be the part of city life in Dubai after experiencing the thrilling activities in deserts. In Dubai city you will witness the traditional and modern way of living at the same time.

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Get close to the marine world

After a ride in a buggy in Dubai you will love to have a splash in the water. If you are adventurous then you should try for scuba diving in the Gulf of Oman.

Oman gives you an opportunity to get a sight of 5 out of 7 underwater species of tortoise as it is recognized as the destination for turtles to lay eggs. You will encounter moray eels, barracudas, groupers, rays, clown fish, angel fish, parrot fish, trigger fish, lion fish, lobsters, spade fish, picasso fish and many more species on almost every dive. You will be surrounded with huge rocks, colourful corals and abundant marine vegetation. If aquatic animals are what you admire then your Dubai holidays are ideal between November and January. Since visibility of aquatic animals increase during this period, there is a chance for you to come across more aquatic lives. This will make way for you to see more sharks and frisky pods of spinner dolphins. There is no need for you to worry as proper safety measures are being taken. Your tour to Dubai is incomplete without swimming along with the fishes. A dive in crystal clear blue water on a warm sunny day is refreshing.

We at Desert Safari Dubai have the facility to take you for a dive in the Gulf of Oman. Being in contact with aquatic animals is unimaginable. You will love to be a part of aquatic life for a few hours.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Go fishing

Arabian Gulf is a superlative place for fishing, it promises to give you a lifetime experience. A dive in the deep sea is not the only way to be close to the aquatic life, you can also go fishing for the same purpose. Fishing in cool water will appeal to you as Buggies in Dubai deserts must have forced you to bear the heat.

Fishing is one of the predominant activities of Dubai life. History also narrates that fishing was accorded the same importance as trading and pearling. Fishing is convenient and interesting in the Arabian Gulf, the reason behind it is the pleasant climate here. The sea condition is mostly calm with little breeze. Wider varieties of fishes are available in the deeper waters as the sea here is rich in various forms of fishes. These reasons play a pivotal role in making Dubai the most famous sailfish venue. Dubai travel services are willing to make each moment of your trip memorable. Imagine yourself on the boat gliding on the clear water with sparkling sun above you. Make deep sea fishing a memory that will not be forgotten soon.

Your dream of catching those big fishes will come true only while fishing in the Arabian Gulf. We at Desert Safari Dubai offer you a fully equipped boat along with our qualified captain. The guidance by the captain will make your fishing trip more comfortable. Sometimes the wait can be long but it is worth it when you catch the big fish.

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