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Get Close To Arabic Culture

There are many deserts in the world but deserts in Dubai have a different charm. They are acclaimed for their originality and beauty. If you have visited deserts in some other part of the world and think that you don’t need to visit Dubai deserts then you will lose out something very special. So remember, whenever you visit Dubai you must spend some time in deserts of Dubai.

Various activities are offered in the deserts but you must try out things that take you close to Arabic culture.

1. Arabic coffee: no coffee shops or cafes in the world can bring you this aromatic welcome drink of Arabs which is never served without dates. This coffee has refreshing effect on everyone who tries it.

2. Henna Tattoo: henna tattoo is a traditional way of tattooing hands and legs for Arabs. You must try out this art form which is loved by most of the tourists.

3. Shisha: puffing shisha is one of the famous pass time of Arabs. Shisha is available in flavours, you can choose anyone for yourself.

4. Belly Dancing: don’t miss watching the belly dance performance by the professional dancers here. This dance form is famous in Arabic regions and moves of dancers will keep you amazed.

Desert Safari Dubai will give you an opportunity to experience all these activities at the same place. Your Dubai desert tour has all the activities for which Arabs are known. These specialties of Arabs are available on every Dubai desert safari tour you opt for.


Overnight Desert Safari Is Favourite Among Youngsters

There are a plenty of things in Dubai that attracts tourists around the world. But Desert Safari Tour has its own charm and is the most famous trip of tourists. Authenticity of deserts and various activities have been able to attract tourists from different parts of the world. Especially youngsters enjoy this desert safari in Dubai the most.

Many students visit deserts in Dubai during summer. When a group of friends opt for a trip in deserts they wish to spend more time in the beautiful environment. Overnight desert safari meets with their expectation and allows them to spend quality time in the enchanting environment. There can not be anything more entertaining than participating in adventurous activities of deserts with friends. An overnight stay in Bedouin camps makes the trip more fulfilling. Recently many students are opting for a Dubai desert safari tour which provides an overnight stay. They believe that an overnight stay with friends is always a fun and if it is in the deserts than there is more enjoyment. If an overnight stay is inconvenient for you then there are desert safaris in the morning and evening hours. But make sure that the tour company that you opt for provides all the facilities that you want.

Desert Safari Dubai is an established name in arranging Dubai desert safaris. We arrange many tours for our tourists and locals. We offer various options so that you can choose a type of tour that suits to your requirements and budget.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Morning Desert Safari Will Not Take Much Of Your Time

There are many tourists who come to visit Dubai with a very few days in hand. They often skip visiting deserts in Dubai as they think a trip to desert takes too long. But this assumption isn’t true, there are different touring options available and you can choose anyone that fits in your criteria.

If you don’t have much time and want to visit couple of places in one day then opt for morning desert safari. This safari lasts only for four hours in the morning so your rest of the day can be utilized for different tours in Dubai. This tour starts at 9 o’clock in the morning and is done by 1 in the afternoon. So after lunch you can easily visit any other famous place in Dubai. Your day is made after glimpsing the beauty of desert early in the morning. This is also a very convenient tour option for corporate people who have busy schedule and can not afford to waste days in touring. You will enjoy this tour as much as you enjoy evening and overnight desert safari. A good travelling company will provide you various options so that you can make a perfect tour for yourself.

Desert Safari Dubai has always given propriety to the needs of their clients. We have designed many packages keeping in mind the convenience that our customers will look for. Our online booking service makes reserving Dubai holidays easy and fast. We make sure that you get best of service and touring options.

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Learn Arabic History With Entertainment

History plays an important role in building our present and future. It is important for all of us to know what our culture, tradition and history are all about. But often people find it quite boring to learn about histories and olden eras. If getting close to our tradition is a fun thing then people will certainly do that with full interest.

If you are interested in knowing the Arabic culture, tradition and history then you can do that simply by booking for yourself a Desert Safari Tour. Deserts play an important role in Arabic culture, so a trip to desert is an enjoyable way of getting close to Bedouin lifestyle. You will get to know so much about Arabic people on your Dubai desert safari. Reading in books about Arabs is very monotonous but knowing them while participating in various activities is any day better. A lot of tourists and locals book a Dubai Desert Safari Tour to apprehend themselves with Arabic traditions. Many things of this tour are part of yesteryears Arabic lifestyle. The modern city life in Dubai does not show the picture of traditional Arabia only deserts will show the life that Arabs lived in earlier days.

Reserve a tour for deserts in Dubai with Desert Safari Dubai. We are known for providing top class service and touring options. You will also get to relish some of the scrumptious international cuisines of the world. You can visit our site for fast and easy reservation for any type of Dubai tour.

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