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Photographer’s Vista

Does photography appeals to you and are you in search of some natural sights? If your answer is yes then you must plan a Dubai desert tour. The natural beauty of the deserts will introduce you to eye-catching views. You can’t stop clicking your camera when you will glimpse these dazzling scenes.

Deserts in Dubai are amazing and are treasure for photography lovers. From dawn to dusk, from morning to night these deserts create a charming environment. Each and every shade is worth capturing. Sand dunes colour themselves as per the different shades spread by the sun. Any photography lover would feel lucky to capture such picturesque scenes. At the night these deserts look more beautiful with the starry sky above your head. Even a lay man wishes to capture these charming scenes so for a photographer it would be a great attainment to cease these alluring sights with a perfect angle. Opt for an overnight desert safari this will give you a convenience to stay in the desert from evening to the next day morning. If you are interested in arresting wildlife and plant life in your camera then a longer stay in deserts would allow you to get best results. Contact a good Dubai travel services and reserve a good holiday package.

Desert Safari Dubai is one of the best travelling companies in Dubai. All our touring options provide brilliant service and delicious cuisines. If you are looking for a private Dubai desert tour then we have facility for that too.

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Desert Safari Dubai Is The Best

Dubai is known for its tourists’ attractions. The most statuesque thing in Dubai is its deserts. People around the world wish to visit deserts in Dubai at least once in a life time. Dubai holidays are incomplete without glimpsing the charm of deserts. You might be wondering that why is it so important to get close to the deserts in Dubai.

There are many deserts in different parts of the world. But very few of them are authentic and beautiful. If we look at the top ten largest desert of the world then Arabian deserts are ranked third in position. Arabian deserts belong to the category of top three largest deserts in the world. These deserts are vast and cover the area of 2,330,000 square kilometers. Dubai Desert tour takes you to these imposing area entirely covered with sand. People belonging to different nations like to apprehend themselves with the lifestyle of Bedouins. Along with that many breathtaking activities and piquant delicacies which are offered at the deserts in Dubai can not be relished anywhere else. All such entertainment factors and regal Arabic hospitality is matchless so people prefer visiting Dubai deserts than any other deserts. Before visiting these beautifully endowed regions book for a good Dubai tour package.

Desert Safari Dubai is one of the best travelling companies. It has been in the touring business since many years and has a creditable market image. We arrange for various Dubai desert safari tours our hospitality and cuisines are adored by all our customers.

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Safe Journey To Deserts

There are very few deserts which are known for their authenticity. Deserts in Dubai are one of those. Visitors around the world can’t stop themselves from appreciating the natural beauty of the deserts. Many adventurous people come to scrutinize every turn in the deserts. If you are one of those who wish to camp in desert then there are several useful tips which you should keep in mind.

Most suitable time: Deserts are known for their blazing heat. It would be advisable if you plan your trip in the winter season which is from November to February.

Food and water: if you are planning for a camp in summer you require 12 bottles of water per day per person, in winter 3 to 4 bottles will suffice. Take food as per your requirements.

Car essentials: see to it that your car has enough of petrol, oil etc. keep extra motor oil and tires.

Health precautions: always carry a first aid box which should have medicines helpful in case of fever, headache, cuts, wounds insect bites and antiseptics.

Cleanliness: Avoid staying in the valleys. Don’t litter the place where you stay and clean the area before leaving.

Desert Safari Dubai is a well known travel company which provides different tour packages. You will experience safe and comfortable Dubai holidays with us. Our service is loved by all our customers. We also deal in overnight desert safari. The aim of the company is to give maximum satisfaction with reasonable price range.


An Elegant Stay In The Heart Of The Desert

True Arabic culture lies in the deserts of Dubai. If you are on a Dubai tour and don’t witness the beauty of deserts then you miss a golden opportunity to come close to the Bedouin lifestyle. Most of the people who visit Dubai make sure that they explore each and every domain of deserts. To spend maximum time among the dunes it would be wonderful if you make your stay in the deserts itself.

There are many luxury hotels in the city and they all offer sophisticated service. But to enjoy the natural beauty you must opt for the resorts which are right in the deserts. Deserts in Dubai are prevalent for the activities they offer. Succulent food and legitimate beauty of the deserts are extolled world over. There are many resorts which are situated in the deserts you can reserve the one which caters to your needs. Most of these resorts are designed as per the traditional Arabic manifestation. You will have an undisturbed view of the desert. As the recession has hit Dubai most of the hotels and resorts are offering various concessions, this will be a perfect time to enjoy Dubai desert safari tour. Make sure to select a proper tour company which will take you to enjoy the magnificent activities of the deserts.

Desert Safari Dubai has been arranging Dubai Desert Tours since many years. We assure you that you will be highly satisfied with our service. The company has designed various touring options keeping in mind your comfort and budget.

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