Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Belly Dancing On Deserts

Dramatic, yet subtle . . . Majestic, but personal . . . Unique and unforgettable . . . belly dance is one of the most beautiful attractions of Dubai deserts. Loaded with numerous adventures, Dubai deserts safari also offers cultural entertainment to its visitors, one of which is belly dancing. It is known as a folk dance of the UAE and is an inseparable part of the Arabic tradition.
Belly dance is a western-coined name, but in Middle East it is referred to as raqs baladi which means “dance of the country” or “folk dance”. It is one of the oldest forms of traditional Arabic entertainment. It has many different regional forms in its costumes and styles. Although the main belly dance costumes consists of the skirt or harem pants and the fitting blouse. It is a typical outfit which is called ‘bedlah’ in Arabic which simply means a suit. This attire is very attractively sewn with coins, sequin and are made from shimmering material which make belly dancers look ravishing while dancing. During your Dubai holidays you will come across many shopping centers which sell these gorgeous belly dance costumes you can buy them as per your choice. There are various styles of belly dances like shiver or shimmy, hip hits, undulations, etc, but most famous dance style is shimmy. So shake a leg along the beautiful belly dancers and spend the memorable evening on your Dubai desert tour.

One World Travels has specialized in the desert safari business for a very long time and provide different packages for an unforgettable experience. They organize many belly dancing shows and allow you to witness this beautiful art form in the deserts in Dubai.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dubai Desert Safari Can Minus Stress

In this fast growing world people are always on foot to catch up with work, business deals, jobs, household work etc. Due to this the stress level among people has increased which make them tired and uneasy. However, there are plenty of ways to beat your stress during your Dubai holidays, one of which is desert safari tour.

There is nothing like a desert safari tour in Dubai to beat stress! Its amazing combination of adventure and culture provides visitors and tourists with a unique experience. The popularity of Dubai desert safari is increasing day by day. Not only tourists but also locals from neighboring emirates visit Dubai to enjoy the desert safari tour. It makes a perfect getaway to cut yourself from the hustle-bustle of the city and day to day routine for a while. Its list of adventures like dune drive, quad bike, camel ride, sand ski, etc, will allow you to forget stress and get sanded in the deserts of Dubai. The most interesting part of Dubai desert safari is the chance to experience the typical Bedouin camp. It’s an overnight camp which includes number of Arabic activities like BBQ dinner, belly dancing, sheesha, henna tattoo and you can also try the typical Arab attire to feel the authentic tradition.

Desert safari tour is sure to load you with fun and excitement and rejuvenate you to compete with this fact paced world. One World Travels arranges best desert safari tour packages at attractive prices. So, get ready for the unforgettable desert excursion only with One World Travels.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Which Desert Safari You Need…???

Desert safari in Dubai is one of the most happening and interesting activities in Dubai. Tourists across the globe flock to Dubai to witness this daring deed and gain maximum fun out of it. Missing out desert safari tour during your Dubai holidays is something you will regret life long. Hence, One World Travels arranges varied desert safari tours which you can witness as per your needs and requirements:

Morning Desert Safari – The name itself suggest that it is a tour to deserts in the morning. This tour is perfect to kick start your day! Filled with multiple of thrilling adventures, morning desert safari will be a good deal for adventure lovers. It is also useful for business travelers who visit Dubai for short period of time. It’s a 4 hrs excursion which will allow you to enjoy maximum in short period.

Evening Desert Safari – This tour is one of the best ways to make your lazy evening livelier. Mystic beauty of deserts, picturesque sunset, authentic camel ride, and typical Bedouin camp will leave you with some unforgettable memories. The interesting part of this desert safari is you can enjoy the BBQ dinner watching the live dances in the camp.

Overnight Desert Safari – It is a full night entertainment safari which involves belly dancing, delicious BBQ meal, puffing flavored sheesha, painting your hands and legs with henna, wearing typical Arab attire and much more. This desert safari is more common among youths and couples. However, this is an ultimate desert safari tour to feel the depth of Dubai deserts in starry nights and moon lit skies.

Hence, book any of the above mentioned deserts safari tours with One World Travels and make your Dubai holidays one of the best trips ever!!!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dubai Desert Safari – A Best Holiday Activity!!!

Nowhere in the world seems to epitomize an exciting pleasure trip quite like the Desert safari in Dubai. An unquestionable charm and passion on the desert safari tour sweeps along the tourists like the inimitable pied piper’s charm. The pulsating round trip cast its spell and echoes the spirit of Dubai desert safari for the life time. Dune drive, Camel ride, barbecue, camps away from home, belly dancing in the camp at night, Bedouins culture are the heartthrob in Dubai deserts.

Dune drive is a form of off-road driving to explore the way on sand dunes of the desert. This drive is exhilarating but at the same time risky. So, you should be aware and select good Dubai travel services. After the numerous thrilling adventures you will come across the wandering nomads ‘Bedouins’ which are one of the oldest aborigines of the place and will make you interact with a rich and cultural legacy in the sand dunes of desert safari. Bedouins camp situated deeper inside the deserts is another eye catching sight for the visitors. This campsite includes low tables and cushions to lounge, henna painting, BBQ dinner, sheesha, belly dancing and many more fascinating activities to explore. Dubai desert safari tour also proves to be an ultimate destination for photographers, as the sun descends in horizon it reflects a perfect picturesque of the fading sand dunes.

Dubai Desert Safari Tour booked via One World Travels will give you the opportunity to meet with the local traditional culture, to enjoy the fascinating sights, to enliven an adventurous drive and mingle with Bedouin and their way of living. Desert safari is a unique experience for a life long fun.

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