Thursday, October 22, 2009

Discover the wild life in the desert

Dubai holidays are not only for the activities and entertainment they offer. They also give us a chance to witness some animals over there. Very few animals can bare the heat of the desert. Let us try to find out which are those who like to stay in the Dubai desert safari.

The most desert-adapted species in the emirates are the hoopoe lark, the cream-coloured courser and the black-crowned finch lark. There is a small population of long legged buzzard, little owl and desert eagle. You will also see brown-necked raven frequently. Various species of lark and warbler are migrants who are seen in autumn and winter. More than 320 species of birds migrate to Emirates in spring and winter. Deserts are dominantly occupied by reptiles. You will see different type of lizards. Spiny-tailed lizards are called “dhub” here. Giant among desert lizards is nearly one meter long. You may witness several species of snake as well. Viper with a poisonous horn is the most common. The Arabian oryx is an antelope of the desert in Dubai. There are a few wolfs, striped hyenas, falcons, jackals, honey badger, sand cat and the species of gazelle. These are sighted sometimes. During you Dubai desert safari tour besides camel there is a range of wild life which you will observe.

Your journey to desert safari Dubai will introduce you to the wild life of deserts. The birds, mammals and reptiles here are rarely found in any other part of the world.

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