Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Try out Arabic attire

Your Dubai tour will be more authentic if you be a part of Dubai tradition. Our clothing speaks about our culture. People with different customs have different types of attire.

You will discover the traditional Arabic costume during your Dubai holidays. The traditional male costume consists of the kandura or dishdash. It is a long white coloured cloak. Guthra is a head scarf which is worn along with the cloak. Most popular colours are white or red and white checks. Egal, a black rope is used to tie the scarf on the head. A ghafiyah looks like a muslim prayer hat which is worn under the guthra. It is white in colour with design woven on it. A bisht is similar to a jacket which is worn on special occasions.

Women here wear a long flowing black coloured gown which is called as Abaya. It is elegant attire worn over women clothing to cover it. Abaya have different styles, they are plain as well as designed with jewels. To cover their head women use a shela, this is a piece of material. A gishwa is thin black veil used to cover the faces. It is thick enough for others to make out who is underneath and thin enough for women to see through it. Gafaaz is the literal translation of gloves. Some women wear these to keep their hands fully covered.

The Deserts in Dubai will give you a chance to wear these traditional Arabic costumes to be a part of Arabic culture.

Image credit: www.rrruss.com