Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Real beauty of the sunset

Dubai holidays will take you close to nature. There are a few places where God has showered his blessing by making them more beautifully endowed with nature. Desert Safari Dubai is one of those places where nature resides.

You must have seen the sunset many times. But you might not have felt the artistry of it. While you are on Dubai tour don’t forget to go to the desert to capture the charisma of the sunset. Observing sunset in a city full of pollution, hustle-bustle around and traffic jam does not give you a whole picture of the sunset. But in the open and natural environment of the desert in Dubai you will catch the sight of real sunset. The climatic condition of the desert cools down as the evening arrives. As the sun slowly glides down it leaves yellow and orange shade in the sky. This kaleidoscopic sky will make you think that was it ever white and blue. The sun itself looks like a big sphere made of different shades of yellow, red and orange. This is the right moment to observe the enchantment of the sun perfectly because it does not shine brightly at this time. Warmth of the sun is totally different when it sets compared to the warmth during rest of the day. The rays coming from the sun makes the surrounding shine with red, yellow and orange hue.

This scenic charm is worth experiencing. Dubai travel services will take you to behold the authentic grace of the sunset.

Image credit: www.travelasianplaces.com