Monday, October 5, 2009

Fly high in a balloon ride

Getting up early in the morning is always disliked by most of us. But you will love to get up early when you will be going for a hot air balloon ride. The pleasure of this ride is doubled with the beauty of dawn and the sunrise. Deserts in Dubai are beautiful to witness at any time. During your balloon ride you will observe the angelic desert.

As your balloon glides slowly in the air you will assume going closer to the sky. The cool breeze in the morning will make you placid and your belief that deserts are always hot will change. Slowly you will observe some different shades of red and orange colour appearing in the dark sky. This dull sky and the grey coloured clouds will be filled with luminous shades. The day will become brighter gradually. The beauty of the sunrise is not only for the sky but it also gives different hues to the dunes. It seems as if the desert has enveloped it self with the shining red and orange coloured carpet. The nature has its own incomparable enchantment. You will certainly not like to miss these fascinating pictures of nature, painted with unique colours by God himself. These admirable scenes will stay in your memory always. The early morning balloon ride in the Desert Safari Dubai will make you forget all your stress.

We advise you not to miss the opportunity to be a part of charm of nature during your Dubai holidays. The true and amazing pictures of nature are worth capturing.

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