Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Enjoy belly dance

Your Dubai tour will be full of thrills with different ways of entertainment. In ancient times painting, drama, music and dance were some of the modes of enjoyment. Different cultures have different style of dances which are called folk dance. Moves of belly dance are inseparable part of Arabic tradition. Belly dance is a folk dance of Arabic culture.

The name belly dance is actually given by westerners. Traditional name for this dance is raqs baladi which means dance of country. You can also refer to is as “Middle Eastern Dance” or “Arabic Dance”. It has many different regional forms in its costume and style. The costumes of belly dance are specially designed as per the moves of the dance. Women all over the world adore belly dance costumes. The costume usually consists of a fitted top, a skirt or a harem pant and a belt. The top and the belt are very attractively decorated using beads, coins, sequins, embroidery and braid. A classic harem pant is full and gathers at the ankle. Flowing skirts are made of many layers. During your Dubai holidays you will come across many shopping centers which sell these gorgeous belly dance costumes you can buy them as per your choice. There are various styles of belly dances but most famous dance style is shimmy. Shake you leg along with the belly dancers on your Dubai desert tour.

We at Desert Safari Dubai organize many belly dance shows. You will be witnessing this beautiful art form in the deserts in Dubai.

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