Friday, October 23, 2009

Get ready for courageous Wadi Bashing

You will love to explore wadis in desert in Dubai along with a dune drive and a camel ride in Dubai. Deserts are well known for the adventures they offer and you will experience them on your Dubai holidays.

To enjoy an activity you must first know it. So let me give you a brief about wadis in Dubai deserts. A wadi is a barren and a stony riverbed. It trails the moving seasonal streams and rivers which takes a rocky valley path. This path is naturally incised by flood water. You will find these wadis in abundance at Dubai Desert Safari. You must take a four wheel drive for these twisted routes. Make sure that your driver is an expert because this is a dauntless act. But this experience will stay in you mind forever. You will catch the sight of local tribes, waterfalls, mountain pools and a few animals. The best season for wadi bashing is from October to April. All adventure lovers will love this sport. But be careful as it is a dangerous activity. Don’t try this act in summer as it is tougher and less enjoyable. Pick up your sunglasses and caps for protection against the sunlight.

Dubai desert safari tour is full of adventures and excitement. During your Dubai tour don’t fail to visit the deserts. There are many Dubai Travel Services which have different touring options. Select the one which will take you to experience the wilderness of the desert.

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